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    low consumption easy to ues small self loading Concrete Cement Mixer
    Small self-contained concrete cement mixer, is a combination of concrete truck and concrete mixing station function as a whole, set the concrete charge, metering, mixing, out in one, and can achieve the concrete transport and on-site concrete construction equipment mixing equipment , The equipment fast and efficient, greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the production time and cost. Applicable to all kinds of special environment, crowded urban areas and remote areas of concrete construction
    Simple and efficient car features are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
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    Loading: Based on the unique hinge hydraulic shovel, can easily and accurately loaded ingredients; bucket built-in blade can automatically cut open cement bags to avoid waste of raw materials; all ingredients from the bucket on the smooth and fast into the mixing cylinder.
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    Stirring: Aggregate and cement into the agitator can be mixed by the automatic pressurized water flow in the double bucket. Double snail to ensure the quality of mixing and concrete quality, with electronic weighing system.
    Shipping: four-wheel drive chassis, full hydraulic drive, perfect to adapt to a variety of complex terrain, full load can be on the 30 ° slope.
    Discharge: The operator uses the joystick through the 270 ° rotary mixing bucket to dump the concrete at a height around the vehicle. The following are the same as the ”
    Operation: Equipped with a fully equipped cab with a pilot operating lever designed according to ergonomic principles, the driver can control all major operating actions via a handle
    Technical Parameters
    Product nameTechnology production
    Mixing systemDrum capacity of 3 cubic meters, the actual amount of mixing 2 cubic. Horizontal rotation 270 °
    Production capacity2m3, 6m3 / hr
    Diesel engineYuchai YC4D95-T, water-cooled, 4-cylinder, 70KW / 2200rpm
    transfer methodFull hydraulic drive. 4 wheel drive, 4 round steering, domestic axle
    Walking speedLow speed 0-12km / h, high speed 0-30km / h
    CabLeft driving, anti-turn, anti-falling type cab, front loading shovel
    Hydraulic systemImported hydraulic system, closed circuit, walking pump 40Mpa, displacement 90ml / r, walking motor 40Mpa displacement 63ml / r, stirring pump 40Mpa, displacement 71ml / r, stirring motor 40Mpa displacement 63ml / r, stirring pump for Hydraulic drive and drum rotation
    Operating leverHydraulic four-position electric control lever
    Bucket450 liters, hydraulic gate
    ChuteHydraulic adjustment angle to increase the discharge length, chute can swing within 120 degrees
    water supply system2 * 300 liters, hydraulic drive self priming pump water, with high pressure pump flush vehicle
    brake2 * 300 liters, hydraulic drive self priming pump water, with high pressure pump flush vehicle
    TiresConstruction Machinery Tires 20.5 / 70-16
    Power Systems24 volts
    tankDiesel tank: 100 liters, hydraulic tank: 140 liters
    MeteringElectronic weighing, water meter, formula controlled
    Wheelbase2.0 meters
    Discharge height1.6 metersautomatic concrete mixer for sale